Cover of the Carnival Thrills and Dollar Bills book featuring book characters.

Carnival Thrills and Dollar Bills

A book about U.S. currency

Take a trip to the carnival without leaving the classroom! Carnival Thrills and Dollar Bills is an engaging story that makes learning about U.S. currency exciting for elementary students.

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Carnival Thrills and Dollar Bills is a fully illustrated book that introduces 1st – 3rd grade students to the unique features of Federal Reserve notes. The characters in the book journey through a nearby carnival, where they discover the similarities between the attractions and U.S. currency security features. Challenge students to find all the hidden objects in the book to strengthen their visual perceptiveness and observational skills.

The downloadable version of Carnival Thrills and Dollar Bills is 508-compliant and is optimized for reading on a monitor or projecting on a screen. Single page, printable layouts are also available to download in English and Spanish.

Carnival Thrills and Dollar Bills book characters learn about currency and enjoy the carnival at sunset.

Can’t find all the items hidden in the book? Download the answer key.

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