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Camera Ready Currency

Have you ever printed photos of money? In this episode, learn about the rules for how and when you can use images of U.S. currency.
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Banknote Bonanza

Did you know there was a time in U.S. history when railroad companies, churches, and even individuals issued their own paper money? Learn more in this episode, where we uncover the history of U.S. currency.
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The Magic Behind the ATM

Do you know how money ends up in your local ATM? In this episode, we explain how Federal Reserve notes make their way from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to ATMs.
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Bank on Benjamin

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin printed money for the Pennsylvania Colony at the age of 25? In this episode we explore Franklin’s interesting connections to paper money.
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Once More, with Feeling

Have you ever noticed how U.S. currency feels? In this episode, we discuss why U.S. currency feels rough to the touch and how that plays a role in determining whether our money is genuine.
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Much Ado About the Two

Did you know the $2 note is only printed every two to four years? In this episode we explore the mystery behind the $2 note and explain why you may not see it very often.
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