Introducing the Teller Toolkit

Illustration of a bank teller counter.

The U.S. Currency Education Program’s Teller Toolkit is now available on!

The Teller Toolkit is a comprehensive training guide for bank tellers who need to know how to authenticate Federal Reserve notes. It was created to help tellers quickly spot counterfeit currency, to protect businesses from loss of revenue, and to emphasize the importance of following company counterfeit-reporting policies.

The toolkit provides detailed information about the security and design features of $100, $50, $20, $10, and $5 notes. It also contains a quick reference PDF for tellers to place in their workspaces. In addition to providing currency authentication tips, the teller toolkit directs bank tellers to our U.S. Currency training course and Cash Assist training app for more guidance.

Visit to download the Teller Toolkit today!

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