U.S. Secret Service Launches Counterfeit Prevention Campaign ahead of Holiday Shopping Season

The United States Secret Service recently launched Operation “Quick Glance” to inform U.S. retailers and consumers how to identify easy-to-detect counterfeit currency. Operation “Quick Glance” focuses on “Motion Picture,” foreign writing, and “replica” notes. The following recommendations were listed in the official press release:

  • Take a quick glance at currency when you receive it from any retail establishment or individual
  • Look for foreign writing on the front and back of the note
  • Look for the words “For Motion Picture Use Only” or the word “Replica” on the note
  • Contact your local Secret Service Field Office if you have information about counterfeit currency

To determine the authenticity of a banknote, use the note’s security features. An in-depth description of the security and design features in the latest $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 notes can be found on this website. Information about the features of older-design notes can be found under the “Denominations” drop down menu.

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