Cash Codebreakers: New Educational Game for Middle School Students

Screenshot of Cash Codebreakers, an interactive math game for middle schoolers.

The U.S. Currency Education Program recently launched Cash Codebreakers, a free online game that sharpens middle schoolers’ algebra skills while teaching them about U.S. currency security features! In this interactive escape room, students must solve currency-related puzzles and algebra problems to escape out of a fictional money museum. Each time they solve a puzzle, they will earn a portion of a magical $100 bill that will serve as their ticket out of the facility.

In the game’s “regular mode,” students can select their difficulty levels. The algebra problems in this mode automatically adjust to a student’s performance. If a student quickly solves an equation in one puzzle, the algebra problem in the next puzzle will be more challenging.

In the game’s “classroom mode,” teachers can select the same difficulty level for an entire class. This allows a teacher to easily provide assistance to students and ensures that each class member gets the same algebra problems for instructional purposes. Teachers may also select an appropriate difficulty level for individual students by generating a unique classroom code for that group. Download the Teacher's Guide to learn how to generate a unique code and to view the game’s answer key.

Cash Codebreakers is only one of the many youth education resources that the Currency Education Program offers to teach students about paper money! Visit our website to learn more about Currency Academy and the Money Adventure mobile app. Lesson plans, printable play money, and animated videos are also available to introduce students to the world of U.S. currency.

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