Introduce Students to Currency with a New Children’s Book

Billetes y Dias de Feria

Carnival Thrills and Dollar Bills is a fully illustrated book produced by the U.S. Currency Education Program that introduces 1st through 3rd grade students to the unique features of Federal Reserve notes. The characters in the book journey through a nearby carnival, where they discover the similarities between the attractions and U.S. currency security features. Download or order a copy of Carnival Thrills and Dollar Bills, today!

The book also contains several hidden objects. Searching for these items will strengthen students’ visual perceptiveness and observational skills.

The U.S. Currency Education Program has youth education materials for all ages! Cash Codebreakers is a free online game that sharpens middle schoolers’ algebra skills while they learn about U.S. currency security features. In this digital escape room, students must solve algebra problems and currency-related puzzles to escape out of the money museum.

Visit our website for more educational resources, such as the Currency Academy and the Money Adventure mobile app. Lesson plans, printable play money, and animated videos are also available to inform the next generation of cash handlers about paper currency.

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