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13 December 2007
December 13, 2007
The newly designed $5 bill will enter circulation on March 13, 2008, the Federal Reserve Board and U.S. Treasury announced today. This alerts businesses that manufacture and use vending and self-...
28 September 2004
September 28, 2004
Newly redesigned $50 notes arrive at banks beginning today ready to make their way into circulation and consumer wallets. Today marks the day the Federal Reserve System distributes the new note to...
13 July 2004
July 13, 2004
The Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the Federal Reserve and the U. S. Secret Service introduced cash-handlers today to the enhanced security features of the newly redesigned $50 note...
30 June 2004
June 30, 2004
The newly redesigned Series 2004 $50 notes, featuring subtle background colors of blue and red, images of a waving American flag and a small metallic silver-blue star, will be issued beginning on...
26 April 2004
April 26, 2004
U.S. government officials from the Department of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve and the United States Secret Service, today unveiled the new $50 note design with enhanced security features, and...
09 October 2003
October 9, 2003
The most secure currency in U.S. history was introduced into the economy today, as a newly redesigned, colorful $20 bill was issued by the Federal Reserve System. In dozens of communities from coast...
09 September 2003
September 9, 2003
The first newly redesigned Series 2004 $20 notes, featuring background colors and improved security features, will be issued October 9, the U.S. government announced today. On the day of issue, the...
19 August 2003
August 19, 2003
U.S. government officials and local leaders today watched the 100 millionth newly redesigned $20 note roll off the press at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s Western Currency Facility. They also...
15 July 2003
July 15, 2003
 Officials from the Federal Reserve System, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the U.S. Secret Service kicked-off a series of education seminars today for employees of the gaming and banking...
13 May 2003
May 13, 2003
U.S. government officials today unveiled a new $20 note design with enhanced security features and subtle background colors. The new design is part of an ongoing effort to stay ahead of the...


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